Silvia & Sergio


wedding invitation

When I asked Silvia and Sergio about how they imagined their wedding, the answer was convincing: “Very fun! We want our guests to get the free drink’s worth and have a great time from beginning to end”.

Distancing itself from the traditional paper invitations, this hand-made proposal focused on transmitting that philosophy. The idea was to begin with the marriage celebration even before the wedding day arrived, from the very moment that guests received the invitation.

Silvia y Sergio

Silvia y Sergio nos casamos front sticker
Silvia y Sergio photo
Wedding Stamp Brinda con nosotros
Silvia y Sergio back sticker

Silvia y Sergio


Wedding still life Silvia y Sergio


make a toast with us
wedding invitations evolution wine bottle

The back side of the bottle indicated thfirst step of the instructions: “Fill a couple of glasses“. After doing that, and as the amount of wine was reduced, it showed the rest of the instructions which allowed the guests to know the date, location and other interesting details about the wedding.

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